Geography Curriculum Intent

Geography Summary Map

Our intent is to build knowledge and skills in order for students to make informed choices, to have an in-depth awareness of the world around them and be able to interact with the world as global citizens. We also aim to teach and embed geographic skills which will be of use through the students’ lives. These skills include gathering, processing and presenting data, researching places and understanding maps, as well as identifying patterns by pulling together information from varied sources.   

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11


Students are set regular homework activities across all years, which builds on and requires students to apply knowledge learnt in lessons.


Opportunities for Study beyond Ks4 

The knowledge and skills of the Geographer are well received both by higher education admissions tutors and by employers, for example:

  • Good communication skills, teamwork, management skills, analysis.
  • Numeracy and Literacy, questioning, spatial awareness, ICT.
  • Environmental and social awareness.

Geography has been described as the unique bridging subject in the way that it links the arts subjects like English and history with the science subjects. As such, it can also make a valuable contribution post-16 and works well in combination with other choices.


Career Opportunities

Geography has links to many careers. This includes direct links such as planning, teaching, surveying and construction. There are however, many other careers where the contribution of the subject makes it a very valuable component. The decision-making, ICT skills and world knowledge make it highly valued in management, foreign travel occupations, the financial sector, sales and marketing.

Specific geography related occupations include: travel agent, pilot, tour guide, researcher, hydrologist, coastal manager, environment agency, geologist, civil engineer, seismologist, conservationist, weather presenter, disaster manager, flood prevention, presenter, estate manager, ranger, pollution analyst, environmental consultant, cartographer, geographic information systems (GIS), planner, market researcher, housing officer, politician, transport manager, aid worker, diplomat, charity coordinator, teacher, renewable energy, navy.

The Geography Curriculum Lead is Mr Tim Read.