Heads of Year

The main purpose of the role of Head of Year is to provide pastoral and behavioural support for all students within the specified year group to maximise their achievement and attainment across the school.

Often, at the root of issues for a child is a pastoral concern (bereavement; friendship issues; anxieties about transition to name but a few) and therefore the Head of Year is vital in ensuring each student’s success as they will be the member of staff with the most detailed knowledge of each student in their House.

Heads of Year will examine attainment across all subjects to identify any patterns or concerns and explore solutions to these issues. Heads of Year will liaise with our Inclusion Unit to monitor how behaviour is impacting student progress.

If there is a behaviour issue or incident the inclusion unit will contact parents or carers directly. It may be the case that behavioural issues are affecting attainment and the Head of Year will target these behaviours and work closely with the student and families (and additional support where needed) to correct this and get the student back on track to achieving their potential.

The Head of Year is also responsible for the well-being of each student in their year group, with the support of the student’s Form Tutor and the Pastoral Support team.

Should you have a concern about something affecting your child in the academy; or indeed if there is anything from outside the academy which may affect your child; the Head of Year is a useful point of contact and would be happy to discuss anything with you.

We are committed to ensuring that every student has the opportunity and encouragement to achieve their full potential and to enjoy their time at Wayland Academy. Every student has a designated Head of Year who will strive to make this a reality.

If you are a parent or carer and you wish to speak to the academy about your child’s progress or their curriculum subjects, please contact the office and they will be able to direct your call.

Head of Year 7- Mr Tom Grant

Head of Year 8- Mr Tom Grant

Head of Year 9- Mr Joe Hills

Head of Year 10- Miss Tania Gooding 

Head of Year 11- Mrs Rachael Kittell