Curriculum Vision

Curriculum at Wayland

Wayland Academy is at the centre of a small town; we want to help that community to grow and thrive; to both feed back into our community, and to give our children the best possible opportunities in the wider world.  

To do that, we prepare students for success in a broad range of subjects. This is an ambitious offer which aims to take our students beyond their current experiences. To deliver that, we need to give our pupils a love of scholarship for its own sake. 

The pathway is our curriculum, and the staff who deliver it. We take a collaborative approach to develop this work to its fullest potential, each curriculum leader working closely with a community of subject specialists in the wider trust. 

This allows each curriculum area to develop distinctive approaches to teaching and learning. To support subjects on this journey, our whole-school teaching and learning strategy is influenced by the clarity and purpose of Rosenshine's Principles. Each member of staff is encouraged to make their teaching their own, to make their subject live. That helps to create the strong and sustainable staff culture we have at our school, of which we are very proud.

In all of this, our aim is to build on that founding idea of Wayland - both a community school and a doorway to anywhere. At an individual level, we can think of a journey towards self-understanding, and an understanding of the world. That is our offer to our pupils.

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We're part of the Inspiration Trust and share their knowledge rich curriculum. We make sure our curriculum is inclusive and accessible for all of our students. Read our principles to find out more about how we achieve this.