Positive rewards at Wayland Academy

Rewarding students is a core value at Wayland Academy.

Rewards will be used to recognise positive contributions, good attendance and behaviour, as well as the effort made, the determination shown, resilience and achievements of all students.

We aim to praise and reward the ‘whole’ student including those achievements made outside in the wider community.

In every lesson 3-5 rewards are issued for either Inspired, Driven, Exceeded or Achieved. Students with the highest number in each area, each week are then celebrated in assemblies and will receive certificates.

When a student achieves 100 IDEA positives they will receive a Bronze badge, when they reach 200 positives they will receive a Silver badge and they receive a Gold badge when they reach 300 positives.

In addition to the 4 core categories, we also have rewards that celebrate wider success: Upstander, Y11 electives, 100% Attendance, Star of the Week, Hot Chocolate Friday and Golden Tickets. 


Reward Category

Issued for


Of extraordinary quality


Determination to be successful


Going above and beyond


A noteworthy success

Hot Chocolate Friday 

Students selected from Star of the Week

Golden Ticket

A brilliant achievement or consistently going above and beyond

Star of the week

Students that have gone above and beyond for the week. Nominated for Hot Chocolate Friday

Accelerated Reader

Achieving 100% in reading quiz

Y11 Electives

Extra Y11 learning activities e.g Hive


Helping our community

Time Out 

Used to record the use of who uses their Time Out card


100% attendance in a week