Achievement Evening

Principal’s Address Achievement Evening 2022

Thinking back to Year 7 reminds me of the amazing journey you have undergone in the last 5 years. You have grown both academically and morally to become young adults that have the world at their feet. You should be very proud of your outstanding achievements and for how you have coped through the challenges of the past few years.

As a year group, you achieved the best-ever results at Wayland Academy. In 2022 Wayland Academy is ranked as the fourth highest performing school in Norfolk thanks to your hard work. Your results were incredible, 63% of you achieved a grade 9 to 5 in English and maths compared to 50% in England. Over 80% of you achieved a grade 9 to 4 in English and maths. Our Progress 8 score was also excellent at +0.56. This means that as a year group you achieved over half a grade better in a range of academic subjects than similar students across England.

For those of you who are motivated and hardworking, there are unlimited opportunities, and I look forward to hearing about the amazing careers and experiences that await you in the future.

Tonight is about celebration; everyone should take pride in what they have accomplished and know in their hearts that they did the best they could. It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you back and I could not be prouder of your achievements.

This evening celebrates every student, across a broad range of subjects, as well as individuals in specific Subject Awards and finally our Academy Awards.

I would like to thank our sponsors for their kind donations. I would also like to thank our guest speaker Erin Stasiorowski, a Wayland Alumnus who left us in 2016 and our Master of Ceremony for this evening.

Good luck in everything you do in the future.


The Subject Award for Art and Design

This student's passion, flair and creativity resulted in her achieving the top grade in GCSE Art. She committed herself 100% to perfecting every skill and researched techniques extending her knowledge and love for art and artists. She has become a prolific painter, progressing from acrylic paint through to oil paint. She was never prepared to be just 'good', she always strived to be the best. Her bravery enabled her to create work on a large scale with confidence and creating personally inspired artwork. Her work has been exhibited alongside professional artists from around the county. Her paintings will inspire future artists at Wayland Academy and we look forward to seeing more of her animal studies and digital portraits in the future. 


The award goes to Anna Jeranovicha


The Subject Award for Biology

This student's incredible result in Science is a testament to his quiet resilience and determination. He has always impressed his Science teachers through the years, but it was his increased effort in Year 11 that paved the way to a grade 9. He has shown himself to be a sponge for absorbing knowledge and a scientist for turning this knowledge into understanding. 


The award goes to Jack Reeve


The Subject Award for Business Studies

This student epitomised the meaning of loving learning. He's developed a business-minded brain across his two years in the subject and is able to really make the link between business and making money. I'm sure if we were to give him money to start up a business he'd be a millionaire in a very short space of time. 

Well done for being the student who made the most progress in Business Studies in 2022. 


The award goes to James Stadius-Horn


The Subject Award for Chemistry

This student's enjoyment and interest in Science has been clear throughout his school career. He clearly enjoys general knowledge, and takes pleasure in learning Science whilst connecting it to the wider world. Their Science teachers have always seen great potential for great exam results, and the grade 9 in Chemistry is a testament to his hard work.


The award goes to Krystian Kasperczyk


The Subject Award for Computer Science

Throughout his GCSE course, this student excelled, going far above and beyond what was expected.  His passion for the subject has driven him to explore computing fields far removed from the ordinary and he has consistently challenged himself to improve his knowledge and understanding ever further.  He was also selfless in his drive to support other students with their studies, helping them towards their own success.  

We can't wait to see what he does in the future! 


The award goes to Wiktor Kubazca


The Subject Award for Design and Technology

This student has always had an excellent attitude to her learning, completing everything to a high standard, ensuring quality design with annotation, and presentation of her NEA. She attended all extra sessions to complete her final piece including extra skills, and with her commitment to learning and revising she achieved her target grade. We wish you continued success in your Textiles career.


The award goes to Abigail Abram


The Subject Award for English Language

This student’s commitment to her studies was exemplary. She often put into words what her critical eye observed, with thoughtful comments appearing in abundance in her work. Her relationship with the written word went from strength to strength as the year progressed and was ready to show off her creativity as well as her keen observations in language. 


The award goes to Millie Anscombe


The Subject Award for English Literature

This student’s unfathomable determination in his self-improvement was as boundless as the cornucopia of ideas that he conjured up in his work. With an almost mystical appreciation of literature, he was able to dive deep beyond the surface of any text and return with a treasure trove of inspiration and purposeful insight. We hope that he continues his literary voyage of discovery, weathering the storm of complexity and finding refuge in the harbour of his own interests. 


The award goes to Wiktor Kubazca


The Subject Award for French

This student’s modesty belies his linguistic talents. He consistently demonstrated an excellent understanding of French grammar, and his spoken and written work always reflected his personality. He was able to memorise and manipulate an extensive amount of vocabulary, as well as speak with an accomplished accent. I hope that he will have many opportunities to use his language skills in the future.

Tres bien!


The award goes to Jack Chilvers


The Subject Award for Geography

This student was highly focused, diligent, intelligent, thoughtful and kind. She consistently demonstrated enthusiasm and interest in geography and also supports her friends and peers. She listens to feedback carefully and implements any suggestions made. Her passion for geography, general interest in the world around her, hard work and ability to accept advice and feedback have led to her achieving an outstanding grade in geography. This student has continued with her studies in geography, and we think she will be an excellent ambassador of geography.


The award goes to Grace Lawlor


The Subject Award for History

This student has given 100% to her History studies for her entire school career. She has always completed everything to the very best of her ability and pushed on even when she has found tasks more challenging. Her attitude and effort have been exceptional throughout and her final grade is very well deserved. 


The award goes to Jess Chapman


The Subject Award for Hospitality and Catering

This student has always had an excellent attitude to learning, completing everything to a high standard, ensuring quality written work in her controlled assessment and practising dishes at home as well as in lessons to ensure outstanding presentation in her final practical exam. Her commitment to the course was evident with a very well deserved D*.


The award goes to Tara Marchesi


The Subject Award for Mathematics

This student has worked with quiet determination and unrelenting effort to master the most complex skills required in higher-tier GCSE Mathematics.  She took time and care both in class and in extra-curricular revision sessions to apply concepts logically and accurately to the most challenging problems.  In one of her final exam papers, she dropped just a single mark and fully deserved the grade 9.


The award goes to Juliana Dias


The Subject Award for Performing Arts

This student’s commitment and strong work ethic to Performing Arts throughout his two years at KS4 was admirable. Attending revision sessions, widening his skills in dance, singing, acting and costume design where he received one of the top grades in the class for his costume design final unit. He developed his performing skills over the last two years and never shied away from a production. His design and costume skills were fantastic, every week trying to further his knowledge and learn as much as he could. A positive student who would always help others, we wish him every success for the future.   


The award goes to Max Strange


The Subject Award for Physics

From the moment Year 11 began, this student was driven to succeed in Science. After the opportunity came to take the three Separate Sciences, he kicked his learning up into a higher gear. Unrelenting in his expectations of himself and his teachers, he has shown us all what studying Physics should look like at GCSE.


The award goes to Wiktor Kubaczka


The Subject Award for Photography

It was obvious from this student’s very first photo shoot that she had a natural talent for taking a technically perfect photo. She spent 2 years developing an understanding of how powerful a photograph can be. She spent many hours and travelled many miles to find amazing photoshoot locations. Her photos have a wonderfully intriguing feel to them and leave you pondering over the meaning. Her series of photoshoots during Covid lockdowns provoked huge emotions in the viewer, addressing the difficult and upsetting issues. Her photos will inspire future photographers to be brave and take photos which change and challenge the way people view their world.


The award goes to Lola McIlwaine


The Subject Award for Combined Science

This student was given the opportunity to move to the higher tier paper from around the Easter of Year 11. She took this opportunity with both hands and showed absolute determination to prove herself. Her focus in class was outstanding, and the obvious hard work at home revision gave her an excellent final grade. Very much deserved. 


The award goes to Nicoleta Girlea


and to our final Subject Award for this evening.


The Subject Award for Sport

Throughout the BTEC Sport course this student was always committed to her studies producing some exemplary assignments. She achieved an overall Distinction * which is the highest mark possible. She is an able and talented sports person and along with her excellent work ethic throughout the two year course thoroughly deserved to achieve this results. We hope that she continues both with her Sport Studies as well as her participation in sport and exercise.


The award goes to Grace Lawlor