Positive rewards at Wayland Academy

Rewarding students is a core value at Wayland Academy.

Rewards will be used to recognise positive contributions, good attendance and behaviour, as well as the effort made, the determination shown, resilience and achievements of all students.

We aim to praise and reward the ‘whole’ student including those achievements made outside in the wider community. We will continue to develop the range of rewards through increased engagement with students and parents/carers.

The Student Council and Tutor Groups Representatives will have opportunities to discuss rewards and suggest new ideas.

Rewards can be grouped into four main core categories

Inspired - of extraordinary quality

We give this reward to students that have independently produced an outstanding piece of work that shows accuracy, detail and subject knowledge.

Driven – so determined to achieve something or be successful that all of their behaviour is directed towards this aim

We give this reward to a student that has pushed themselves and given a high level of effort to complete a task, and produced work that shows improvement and progress.

Exceeded - go beyond, be greater than what is stipulated

This reward is given to a student when they complete extra-curricular activities, groups or tasks in addition to timetabled lessons.

Achieved - successfully bring about or reach a desired objective by effort, skill, or courage

This reward is given to a student that has shown significantly high-level of academic achievement compared to their peers.

In addition to the four core categories there are other rewards that are specific to year groups:

Good Citizen

This reward is given to a student who makes a conscious decision to help or support others.


A student is awarded this automatically each time they have achieved 100% attendance for a four week period

Year 11 Electives

This reward is given to a student when they have attended an extra session for a certain subject that is in addition to timetabled lessons.

Accelerated Reader

This reward is given to a student who achieves 100% in an accelerated reader test.