Careers Information, Advice & Guidance (CIAG)

The careers information, advice and guidance service (CIAG) offers a free, impartial advice to all students and their parents about how to access the education and training opportunities available in the local area. This service organises and manages the successful choice of subject options in Year 9, Year 10 work experience and post-16 applications for Year 11 students. All students are made aware of their level 2 and level 3 entitlement. 

"Every student will leave Wayland Academy feeling optimistic about their future and confident in their ability to determine and achieve their long-term goals."

We support and encourage students to make the decisions which will enable them to achieve their personal learning and career goals.  An embedded programme across all areas of our curriculum highlights the employability skills that make up an integral part of students’ learning. A programme of life lessons, assemblies and pastoral sessions deliver careers education to students from all year groups.

Our Careers Advisor, Mrs Suzanne Scott, is based in the library and our service operates to the Guidance Council Code of Principles on impartiality.

Careers lead 

Our careers lead is Miss Sali Martin.

Top six provider destinations in 2020

City College Norwich     46
Dereham VI Form College  17
Easton College        11
Wymondham VI Form College 6
Access Creative College     5
College of West Anglia 



Information, advice and guidance services

We aim to provide support and encouragement to access learning opportunities for students’ personal and professional development in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. On occasions where we are unable to meet a student’s needs, we will refer them to an appropriate alternative institution or organisation.

Careers advice and guidance is offered to any student at Wayland Academy, by appointment and timetabled drop in sessions. If you would like to make an appointment to speak to the Careers Advisor, please speak to Miss Martin or Mrs Barnett in the library.

Careers advice and guidance is offered on a full range of careers issues, including further and higher education courses, employment prospects, the completion of job/college application forms and the preparation of a curriculum vitae.

A comprehensive range of written information is available on the courses available at the local Colleges, sixth forms and higher education providers. This includes prospectuses for full and part time courses, application forms, information about specific courses, guidance on additional learning support services and the contact details for a wide range of education and training establishments. Information is available on paper and electronically in English only.

Please note that although we can listen to students’ needs, give advice and guidance on courses and present a range of options for progression, we cannot make choices for the students concerned.

General careers advice

Further education colleges, sixth forms and apprenticeships

Higher education - universities and colleges

Information for parents/carers

Visit Parental Guidance for careers information and advice from the Careers Writers Association.