ASC 9513

Student Expectations & Routines

Our core principles

In order to achieve outstanding behaviour, we need to ensure high expectations and clear routines for all aspects of school life. We are shaping the behaviour of our young people to ensure they will be independent and ready to fully integrate into society when they leave our academy.

Atmosphere, Identify, Respect (AIR)

We need to ensure that we create and facilitate a positive but challenging learning atmosphere that is calm and orderly at all times. A key element of these high expectations is students’ uniform and their consistent identity as part of our community. We insist that all students show respect to others.

The three core principles of atmosphere, identity and respect demonstrate our positive culture at Wayland Academy. 



We expect every student to show respect to everyone in the school. We have adopted the acronym STAR to help you identify what you must ensure students do in lessons and assemblies.

STAR stands for: 

Sit up - 100% attention

Track the teacher - 'eyes on me'

Answer and ask questions in full sentences

Respectful to everyone

Left for Learning 

When moving between lessons students must walk on the left-hand side of the corridor to allow calm and controlled movement between lessons.

Start of the lesson expectations 

  • All students should have removed their coats as they enter the building

  • All students enter the classroom in silence

  • All students get out their equipment for the lesson

  • All students stand behind their chairs in silence and sit down in silence when requested by the teacher

End of a lesson expectations 

  • Students tidy up quickly and quietly 
  • All students stand behind their chairs in silence
  • Students are dismissed one row at a time
  • Students are instructed to move quietly and sensibly around the academy

Out of lesson we expect students to conduct themselves in the right way to be ready, respectful and safe. For any student not showing this, they will be given a social time sanction which can carry consequences depending on the level of poor conduct. 


All students should be ready for learning. This includes ensuring they have the correct equipment every day. Students will have full equipment including, two black or blue pens, a green pen, two pencils, a rubber and a 30cm ruler.

All students in Year 7 to 9 should have a suitable reading book in their bag.

Every morning, tutors will conduct an equipment check.

Behaviour and arriving at school

We insist that students follow three simple rules. We expect them to be ready, respectful and safe.

If students do not meet our expectations within lessons, they will be given the following consequences:

C1 - If behaviour does not meet our expectations students will be issued with C1. A student will be given this for showing behaviour that is not ready, respectful or safe.

C1 carries a 10-minute detention. 

C2 - If behaviour continues to fall short of our expectations, students will be issued with a C2 for still not being ready, respectful or safe.

C2 carries a 20-minute detention.

Red card - If poor behaviour persists, students will be issued with a red card. Again, the red card will be issued for not being ready, respectful or safe. When a student is issued with a red card, they will make their way to the inclusion unit quietly and calmly. 

A detention must be completed on the day that it is issued (except when a detention is issued during a period 5 lesson, we then expect it to be completed the following day).

Fast track red cards are used if a student is putting themselves or others at risk or is physically or verbally abusive towards others.

Fast track red cards are categorised as follows:

  • Breach of health and safety
  • Inappropriate or abusive language
  • Physical or threatening behaviour
  • Homophobic or discriminative behaviour

Late to school 

The school gates will be closed at 8:50am. If a student arrives after 8:50am, the student will arrive through reception where the Attendance Officer will issue the student with a sanction.

Chewing gum/eating and drinking during the school day 

All students are able to have water in a clear plastic bottle in lessons (except for lessons in the computer suites due to health and safety). Chewing gum and fizzy drinks (not including fizzy water), including energy drinks, are not to be brought to school. You should only eat before school or during break and lunchtime. Eating outside of these times is not permitted. 


For any unacceptable behaviour that persists or behaviour that is deemed not to follow school rules, students may be placed on a fixed term exclusion. This is when a student is required to stay at home for a period of time and complete school work at home. 

As part of the Inspiration Trust, we can collaborate with other trust academies, therefore at times some students may be required to attend another academy within the trust for a set number of days as part of an internal trust exclusion. 

In response to a serious breach, or persistent breaches of our policy; and where allowing the student to remain in school would seriously harm the education or welfare of other students in school, a decision to permanently exclude can be taken by the Principal. 

Parents will be notified of any exclusion the academy decides to use.