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Our most recent Ofsted inspection (19th June 2019)

This highly encouraging report has given Wayland Academy an overall grade of ‘Requires Improvement.' This means that Wayland Academy is now out of special measures, and we can start looking forward to building on two years of sustained improvements.

The inspectors’ report is much more than a snapshot from a two day visit. It follows on from the four monitoring visits we’ve had since April 2017, each of which found that we were making progress in key areas including attendance, safeguarding and wellbeing, implementing strategies to improve teaching and learning, and improving outcomes for all students.

"Determined and sustained efforts by leaders and staff have led to significant gains in pupils' behaviour and attitudes. This has led to a much calmer and more orderly environment in which pupils feel valued."


  • Wayland Academy is said to have been on a ‘steady and sustained journey of improvement’ since the last inspection. 
  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare is rated as ‘good,' with inspectors pointing to the success of ‘determined and sustained efforts’ to improve pupils’ behaviour, attendance and attitudes to learning. 
  • The report says Wayland Academy is ‘safe, stimulating and enjoyable’ for pupils and that pupils are now making better progress than they have in the past.
  • Attendance has ‘improved significantly’ and Wayland Academy’s attendance levels are now higher than those found nationally.
  • Our teachers have high expectations of pupils, who the inspectors found to be ‘enthusiastic and eager to contribute’ in lessons.
  • ‘Sustained efforts … to raise achievement this year are working’: our current Year 10 and 11 pupils are showing improved progress, while strategies to improve the learning and progress of disadvantaged pupils are beginning to work, the report says. 
  • There is particular praise for our PALS (Pupils Advising Listening and Supporting) initiative – the PALS are described as doing a ‘great job’!

What we need to do to improve further

We recognise that we need to continue improving. An important positive to come out of this inspection is that Ofsted says we have appropriate strategies in place to do this. For example:

  • We can further improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment by ensuring our strategy for increasing the effectiveness of teaching becomes fully established across all years and subjects.
  • We can raise achievement by ensuring that our ‘bronze,' ‘silver’ and ‘gold’ tasks planned by teachers really stretch and challenge the most able pupils, and by ensuring that new approaches to engaging disadvantaged pupils become firmly established.

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