Principal: Glen Allott

Wayland AcademyMerton Rd, Watton, IP25 6BA

Tel: 01953 881514

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For any queries please contact reception at:

Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENDCo): Mr Luke Corden

Chair Of The Governing Body: Mr Harry Buscall

For Media Contact: Jemma Ilal, Head of Communications and Marketing

Tel:01603 280938

Head of Year 7: Mrs Cara Mihalop

Head of Year 8: Mr Tom Grant

Head of Year 9: Mr Alfie Linney

Head of Year 10: Miss Tania Gooding

Head of Year 11: Mrs Rachael Kittell

Looked After Children: Mrs Helen Chapman

Curriculum: Mr Dean Rosembert

Inspiration Trust: We’re part of the Inspiration Trust family of schools

Tel:01603 280923